TechMind Research society is a research foundation established to promote the development and sharing of quality research efforts internationally.

Vision Statement

To establish international repute in publications and make the research ideas easily available to all.


  • To encourage the international collaboration and advancement of research in the field of Computer Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Business and Management.

  • To promote dissemination of knowledge in these and related fields through publications and conferences.

  • Inform members about newly emerging possibilities in research.

  • Initiate joint-projects and research programs on international level to promote research activities.

TechMind Research provides a variety of services to researchers including open access publications, providing technical support to web sites, organizing conferences and promoting educational programs. Encompassing a multidisciplinary approach, it publishes a number of journals, designed to reflect innovations and advancements in the field of computer sciences, engineering, business and management, mathematical sciences, social sciences, agricultural sciences and working tirelessly to expand its horizon. It encourages analytical insights into existing theories along with fresh insights into new trends.

Open access model is in consonance with our vision that there is no financial or territorial restrictions to access quality work. Open Access publishing enables the immediate and permanent sharing of online full-text articles and the archiving to read and use. And the peer review process enables us to promote only significant and original research. However the mere fact of peer review does not ensure quality. There are some essential guidelines that determine the authenticity of the articles and the journals.

TechMind is a self-supporting body so it solely depends upon the publication charges, received from authors, for its operation. Being an Open Access Publisher, it does not receive payment for subscription as the journals are freely available online. Authors are required to pay a fair publication fee for processing their articles. However, there are no submission charges. Authors are required to make payment only after their manuscripts have been accepted for publication. The fee is mentioned in the respective journals. There is no financial reward for reviewers and editors. These positions are honorary.