Scope of Journal

Our editorial philosophy builds on the Journal of Research in Marketing’s distinguished legacy and experience while seeking to foster the next generation of marketing thought. We are committed to a fair, thorough, and constructive review process and are taking steps to foster this environment.

JORM will focus on research articles that offers theoretical and empirical insights into real-world marketing questions that are informative to or actionable by firms, policy makers, and other societal stakeholders engaged with marketing. The methods and models should be rigorous, they should be deployed in the service of a marketing question and should be accessible to readers. It also means that theories should be developed and leveraged for insight into marketing problems.

JORM will take measured risks on potentially high-impact papers. The most novel ideas often struggle to get through in the review process because they introduce new ways of thinking about and measuring important marketing phenomena. JORM want to challenge the boundaries of the marketing discipline by publishing articles that advance new research questions designed to disrupt traditional marketing doctrine and to open up new areas of the discipline. Our principles focus on ensuring JORMcontent is relevant to the widest possible academic and non-academic target audiences. We plan to publish more articles, while maintaining high quality standards. 

Some areas of Interest for articles in JORM may include: (topics not limited to)

  • Marketing Theory 
  • The Management of Marketing
  • Consumption and Consumer Practice
  • Marketing Research
  • Advertising Management
  • Retail Management
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing
  • Interconnections between Marketing and Society 
  • The Marketing of Services
  • Business-to-Business and Network Marketing
  • Emerging topics in the field of Marketing
  • Other related and Similar fields in area of Marketing Research